2020 Virtual Inclusion Institute

Highlights, recordings, and more!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 Virtual Institute! We were so excited to have you and create a collaborative environment to share incredible knowledge and information. Sessions were a mix of live sessions and pre-recorded sessions with a live Q+ A. 


2020 Keynote: The Importance of Stories in Family Engagement and Advocacy

As keynote presenter, Bethany Van Delft Moffi, comedian, storyteller, Parent Advocate, and parent of two children used humor and family stories to highlight the importance of collaboration and working together to further inclusion. In addition, Bethany hosted a concurrent session about using stories in advocacy as parents, family, teachers, and service providers.

2020 Plenary: Inclusion 2.0 2.0: Are We There Yet?

Rhodus Riggins, Jr., Harriette Bailey, and Lisa Pullis presented this interactive plenary session that dove deeply into the critical question and refrain "are we there yet?", lifting essential voices and experiences with an imperative cry: No Inclusion: No Equity!!!

2020 Federal Plenary Session: Supporting Inclusion in Challenging Times

The intention for this panel was to listen, learn, and share perspectives about inclusion with an interagency panel of policy leaders representing the US Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs, and the US Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration and Administration for Children and Families, Offices of Head Start and Child Care. Each panelist provided a brief update on early childhood priorities and inclusion initiatives within their agencies and then answer questions about meeting needs around inclusion submitted by participants in the weeks before the Inclusion Institute. During the Plenary, participants had the opportunity to share their challenges and strategies for moving inclusion forward during these challenging times using live polling. Below is a Word Cloud produced by participants live during the session. 

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