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Chris Burkhart

I am a small town girl from Ridgeway, VA who is passionate about 5 things: Jesus, my family, people, farms, and soccer! I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Family Relations from East Carolina University and for the past 24 years, I have been serving families and children with ALL abilities in the state of NC through many roles from assistant teacher to supervisor. In all my years of teaching neurotypical and atypical children, I found a common denominator – connections. We all want to connect–be apart–feel loved. So after the past 7 years of being a special educator with Wake County Public Schools, I quit my job to start a business that not only helped kids, but brought families and communities together in the ways we interact and love one another despite our challenges. Building Connections, LLC is now 2.5 years old and serving more than 150 families through advocacy, social skill groups, and summer camps. I work collaboratively with numerous professional providers in Triangle to maximize the support families receive. Kids are succeeding and growing and most of all…feeling connected and valued for who they are! I want to inspire children to love themselves for who they are and help them to ignite connections and relationships with others that are lasting. Each child deserves to feel loved no matter what and be given tools to help them navigate their emotions, friendships, and learning in any environment! Each deserves to feel success, even in the hard stuff! My experiences as an educator and business leader are priceless, but my experience as a mom of a child who learns differently certainly gives me a perspective like no other. So I get it. My sweet husband Chris and I live in Raleigh and have 2 children, Jack (17) and Julia (15). I love to travel, thrift shop, make up songs to anything, love on people, and you can hear me clearly at my kids soccer or cheer/dance events. My dream is to have Building Connections Farm where we provide developmentally appropriate and natural, social learning experiences through structure and curiosity in social groups, equine therapy, PT/OT/Speech, Psychological Services, Nutritional services, Job Coaching, and employ people with disabilities! It’s coming, y’all!

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Owner, Building Connections Elementary, Middle, High School Social Skills Teacher