McWilliam, Robin

Robin McWilliam

R. A. (“Robin”) McWilliam is a professor of early childhood special education at The University of Alabama, where he founded and directs the Evidence-based International Early Intervention Office (EIEIO), in the Department of Special Education and Multiple Abilities. With colleagues, he created the Routines-Based Model for Early Intervention (Birth to Five; RBM), a comprehensive system for supporting caregivers of young children with disabilities. This model is implemented in 10 countries. It includes practices for assessing needs and developing functional and family goals, using a primary service provider, consulting collaboratively with caregivers to build their capacity, and measuring progress on goals, child functioning, and family quality of life. Dr. McWilliam has written over 80 peer-reviewed articles and 8 books and has presented in over 20 countries. He is a visiting professor at the University of Silesia in Poland, where he has an implementation site.

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University of Alabama



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