Rethwisch, Janelle

Janelle Rethwisch

Janelle Rethwisch is the mother of a toddler with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, a home childcare provider, and former interventionist and Special Educator. She has over 15 years of rich professional experience working with children in a variety of settings, including private homes, childcare facilities, public schools, and non-public agencies. While obtaining her elementary and special education teaching credentials she worked as an Applied Behavioral Analysis interventionist with children on the autism spectrum and with other physical and developmental disabilities. She has collaborated as a paraprofessional in a preschool special day class, as a support teacher in a non-public agency’s elementary autism program, and as a Learning Center teacher. Janelle has advocated for parents in IEP meetings and assisted in choosing the most appropriate educational placement for their children. Most recently, she has been a focused and empowered advocate for her daughter, has shared her experience and expertise in videos, spoken on college panels discussing inclusive practices, and presented at a state level early childhood inclusion conference. Both professionally and as a parent of a child with a disability she is passionate about sharing the importance of early intervention and inclusion for all children through collaborative teaming practices.


Primary Role: 

Family Representative

Primary Affiliation: 

Preschool Special Education