Rosanbalm, Katie

Katie Rosanbalm

Katie Rosanbalm, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University. Trained as a child clinical psychologist, Dr. Rosanbalm’s work focuses on program implementation and evaluation in the areas of self-regulation development and trauma-informed early care and education. She is currently involved in a number of projects to enhance long-term outcomes for children with trauma histories, including: (1) piloting a professional development infrastructure for trauma-sensitive care in infant/toddler classrooms, (2) self-regulation skills-building for low-income preschoolers, (3) implementation and evaluation of a K-8 trauma-sensitive schools model, and (4) integration of child mental health supports for children involved with child welfare. She has co-authored a series of white papers on Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress and served on a number of state-level task forces to strengthen the evidence-based implementation of programs for children and families.

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Senior Research Scientist


Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University

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Institute of Higher Education