Turnbull, Ann

Ann Turnbull

Ann Turnbull is a researcher, professor, and advocate.  She co-created the Beach Center on Disability at The University of Kansas; she is a Distinguished Professor Emerita of that university; she’s published over 300 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and books.  She’s been acknowledged by the National Historic Preservation Trust in Developmental Disabilities as one of 36 people who changed the course of history for people with  intellectual and developmental disabilities in the 20Th Century  (Rud shares that honors, too).  But she’s more: She’s constant, not seasonal.   She  enlightens you in so many ways when you end your search with her. She’s the partner who trusts you from the very first moment you encounter her,  and she’s the vessel for your instinctive trust.   She’s the scholar who challenges you: “Now that you have learned something, so what? What will you do to make a difference with what you know?” She’s all color on the outside, and all integrity and honesty within.  She’s kind, and utterly candid.  Come here her candor about “truths” she and Rud have learned over five decades to not only survive but prevail.

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Professor, Researcher, and Advocate

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Training/TA Provider/Consultant/Faculty

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Institute of Higher Education