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Reflecting this year’s theme Trusting Partnerships in a Time of Change, leaders from Federal agencies  and three national early childhood professional organizations will share information on early childhood directions and initiatives related to inclusion and to supporting children with disabilities and their families. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and share their perspectives with the panelists.
Rud and Ann Turnbull, internationally acclaimed motivational speakers and special education scholars, have recently both had zero birthdays, and their ages total 150 years.  Yikes!  What lessons have they learned, especially related to parenting their beloved son Jay whom they describe as their best teacher on the topic of disabilities? Which lessons have withstood the test of time? What are their “truths” that have enabled them to not only survive but prevail.   They subscribe to full disclosure: Be ready for humility, humor, hurt, humanism, and hugs.  Maybe even for knowledge that aged to... more