Under the Sun EVERYONE belongs – Reimagining INCLUSION across settings

May 16, 1:00 pm
Grumman Auditorium


Dr. Sadia Batool
Pennsylvania Early Childhood Family Lead for Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems


As researchers, policymakers, practitioners, administrators, professional development providers, students, faculty, and family leaders in the field of early childhood, YOU are vital to making inclusion possible for ALL families. Keynote speaker, Sadia Batool, shares her transformative journey as part of an immigrant family from EXCLUSION to INCLUSION, made possible by communication, coordination, and collaboration among cross-systems agencies. Her journey began in early intervention/early childhood and has built a strong foundation for her child’s success at school and in life, as well as a sense of belonging for both her child and family.  Explore the transition of a clueless parent, who was scared of stepping out in the community, to a champion for inclusion across settings at the local and state level.

Sadia will expand our understanding about inclusion beyond educational settings and ignite our efforts to fully embrace the opportunities for inclusion in home and community settings. Discover from real life examples the impact of inclusion across settings that resulted in the exponential growth in this family’s transformation from barely surviving when they first received a diagnosis of Autism for their child, to now thriving and being full members of their community. This session will feature Pennsylvania’s Roadmap to Family Leadership Development and the inspiring dedication, commitment, and partnership of early intervention and early childhood professionals at the local and state level to ensuring youngest citizens and their families have a sense of belonging from the start and are prepared for future inclusion in all aspects of life. Join us as we start the conference with a commitment to communities where everyone belongs

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Target Audience: All 


International Early Childhood Inclusion Institute