Assessment to Inform Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms

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This session will engage participants in a series of activities designed to facilitate the use of assessment to inform instruction in inclusive settings.  The session will begin with an overview of Embedded Instruction -  an instructional strategy that embeds instruction on individualized learning targets in ongoing activities, routines and transitions in inclusive preschool settings.  Participants will learn how to identify individualized learning targets that relate to IEP goals as well as early learning foundations and curriculum. In addition, participants will engage in planning activity-focused observations to ensure that learning targets identified are functional and proximal for the child.  Participants will learn how to use an activity matrix to embed instruction on learning targets in ongoing activities in the classroom.  Finally, participants will learn how to embed assessment in typical activities, routines and activities and how to analyze assessment results to inform changes in instruction.




Dogwood A

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05/10/2017 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm



Inclusive Practices

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3 to 5

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