The CARA's Kit for Preschoolers: A User Friendly and Practical Tool to Promote Participation and Learning

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The CARA's Kit for Preschoolers is designed to support the design of adaptations that promote preschooler participation in everyday routines and activities. The Preschool version helps individuals who provide care and intervention for children ages 3-5 use adaptations to make situations better for particular children, including those with challenging behaviors, disabilities, or other special needs or improve situations for an entire group. Adaptations include making changes to the environment, daily schedule, activities, materials, and requirements and instructions and include the use of assistive technology. Participants will learn about CARA's Kit for Preschoolers and how to use the kit to create adaptations that can be used to promote young children's participation in preschool learning opportunities. This session was on the program of the 2011 Inclusion Institute.






Inclusive Practices

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3 to 5

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