Demystify Assistive Technology and Inspire the Assistive Technologist in You! Promoting Participation, Development and Enjoyment Among Young Children through Assistive Technology and Related Strategies

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There is evidence to suggest that young children’s participation in activities that provide a sense of accomplishment, enjoyment, and skill development might protect socially and educationally at-risk children against later mental health, academic, and social problems. Whether children are able to achieve participation successfully may be mediated by the availability of appropriate assistive technology, environmental modification or related strategies.  This Pre-Institute Workshop will focus on the use of assistive technology and related strategies (e.g., adaptations) and how, when needed it can serve as a bridge to achieving active participation and opportunity healthy child development. Take a journey that will demystify assistive technology, inspire the assistive technologist in you.  Discover assistive technology through real-life stories and experience hands-on-time with assistive technology and adaptations!

Please note that registering for each pre-Institute workshop is separate from registering for the three-day Institute itself. The $50 cost for each pre-Institute workshop also includes a continental breakfast and a buffet lunch. You can access information on other Pre-Institute Workshops here.

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