Feed the Kids: Battling food insecurity through access to school nutrition

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Before this crisis, millions of hungry kids relied on school and early education programs for so much, including food. For many, it was the only food they might get on a given day. With classrooms closed and schools facing many more weeks or months of remote teaching and learning, schools and nonprofits are struggling to reach kids with the meals they need. And with many parents out of work, more children in the United States may be facing hunger than ever before.  Prior to March 2020, 1 in 7 children faced food insecurity.   Now, that number could be as many as 1 in 4 kids.   Across our nation, school nutrition, transportation, and education professionals are making sure that kids are fed throughout these unprecedented times.  It is so important now more than ever that we focus on feeding all of our children:  body, mind, and soul.  Hear challenges and successes in how people are working together to reach all children and families who need nourishment, love, and support.





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