The Marathon of Achieving Racial Equity: Navigating Yet Another Impediment to Equitable Service Delivery in Early Care and Education Systems

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Across the country, policymakers in a variety of states and local communities have proposed bans that restrict how practitioners can discuss race, racial equity and social justice in education systems. This legislation could impact early care and education in how: professional development is provided, how curriculum is selected and implemented, and ultimately, how we work to affirm all learners in early care and education programs.

This interactive session will lead participants in looking at these restrictions within the context of education rights. Participants will:
1.    Discuss the visible and invisible impacts of these legislative bans.
2.    Identify areas within service delivery systems that are threatened by the bans.
3.     Explore ways to develop your own processes to build knowledge and experience in racial equity.





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Birth to 5

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Appropriate for all levels