Systems Barriers to Reducing Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion

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In early childhood, there is a troubling trend of young children being suspended and expelled at significant rates. Specifically, those children who most need access to high quality programs are the least likely to attend and the most likely to be suspended or expelled. Being suspended and expelled leads to poor outcomes, including disengagement from the educational systems, antisocial behaviors, and risk for entering the juvenile justice systems. To address these issues, it’s important to understand the system facilitators and barriers to reducing suspension and expulsions. This session will discuss federal policies (i.e., IDEA, Head Start, Child Care, ESSA), along with strategies to reduce the systemic barriers to reducing suspension and expulsion. Participants will be actively engaged in discussion about the supports needed to implement evidence-based practices that can support practitioners in reducing suspension and expulsion.






Systems and Policies

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Birth to 5

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Local Administrators
State Administrators

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