Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting.

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Using the latest brain research to explore and explain the differences in how boys and girls learn, Wired to Move provides early childhood educators with everything they need to adjust their teaching methods and transform their classrooms into boy friendly environments. This session will assist early care/education professionals learn how to address the unique issues surrounding boys three (3) to six years old by:

  1. Looking at boys from a national and local level.
  2. The disproportionate number of boys, particularly African-American and Latino boys being expelled from preschool and reasons why.
  3. The Starting Point Boys Project that addressed this issue.
  4. Specific strategies that early care/educational professionals can use to support boys in the early childhood classroom and beyond.

Participants will learn how to support boys in the classroom through brain based teaching and support. This will be an interactive session and participants will learn how to make   their classrooms more boy friendly by developing an implementation plan.






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Birth to 5

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