Pre-Institute Workshops

Each of these four Pre-Institute workshops on May 8th at 9:00 a.m. includes free breakfast and lunch, as well as all workshop materials. We cap these concurrent workshops at 40 people each. More information for each workshop is below.

You can register for the following Pre-Institute Workshops regardless of whether you're attending the rest of the Institute.

Explicit and Intentional: Tools and Strategies for Supporting Inclusion in Professional Development Efforts

Presenter: Camille Catlett                     

This session will build the capacity of each participant to incorporate content related to supporting children who are individually diverse in inclusive settings into coursework, field experiences, and other professional development efforts.  Through generous handouts, demonstrations, small group work, and conversations, the instructor will nurture each participant to consider new ways in which to build knowledge and support expertise related to the inclusion of children, birth to age 8, in home, program, and community settings. If you’re interested in free, high-quality resources to increase the emphasis on inclusion in your professional development efforts, this session will be invaluable to you.

Target Audience: This workshop is open to all, with a focus on professional development and technical assistance providers and faculty members.

Register here for this Pre-Institute Workshop only.

Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting

Presenter: Constance Walker

This interactive workshop addresses the disproportionate number of boys that are expelled from preschool, particularly boys of color, and provides specific strategies for early childhood professionals to use in in classrooms. Participants will learn how to support children with diverse learning styles in early childhood settings, including strategies for preventing expulsion (with a primary focus on boys). Participants will learn about inclusive practices, boy-friendly and father-friendly strategies, literacy, and resilience.

Participants also will work to complete a checklist about their classrooms. They will develop  an implementation plan during the session to use when they return to their early childhood programs.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for people in all roles.

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The Courage to Reach Inward and Outward: The Power of Reflective Practice

Presenters: Janice Fialka and Mary Peters

Developing partnerships is both joyful and challenging work, which requires reflection both inward, (for our own individual growth) and outward (with each other). We strengthen partnerships when we integrate reflection into our practice.  Join this half-day interactive workshop to experience guided reflection through journaling, conversations, and other strategies to support our ongoing engagement in the important work of inclusion. Using Janice Fialka’s writing as a springboard for our thinking and discussion, this session provides opportunities to explore and create:

  • practices for careful listening to ourselves and our partners for deep connections that honor vulnerability and diversity
  • brave space that fosters honest, trusting relationships and communication
  • connections between attending our own inner lives, our roles and the renewal of our commitment to supporting outcomes for our young children and their families.

The principles from the Center for Courage and Renewal© and The Courage to Teach, by Parker J. Palmer (2017) are the foundation of this session.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for people in all roles including family members, practitioners, PD/TA providers, and administrators.

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How to Make Friends and Influence Preschoolers: Classroom Management that Motivates and Engages Children

Presenter: Adam Holland                   

In this session, we will discuss different options for classroom management and how they can benefit or challenge children with special needs.  In the first part of the session, participants will learn about two key theories that drive classroom management: behaviorism and self-determination theory.  Then, we will apply these theories, discussing strategies for building classroom community, teaching behavior, and designing experiences for children that promote success rather than failure.  Time at the end will be allowed for questions about how to apply learning to participants’ specific classrooms and situations.

Target Audience: This workshop is open to all, with a focus on practitioners, professional development and technical assistance providers and local administrators, content targets 3-5 year olds and pre-k third grade age groups.

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Special two-part workshop on Practice-Based Coaching requires Inclusion Institute registration (details below)

Practice-Based Coaching: Learn About It and Do It!

Presenters: Patricia Snyder and Mary Louise Hemmeter

This is a two-part intensive workshop focused on learning about Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) and its implementation in center-based programs. PBC is an empirically-supported coaching approach that facilitates practitioner’s implementation of evidence-based practices.  In Part I, we will present and illustrate the Practice-Based Coaching framework and each of the key components. We will discuss the research base that supports PBC and share implementation tools. In Part II, we will use case studies and simulation activities to practice implementing PBC on a targeted set of practices that support inclusion. Participants will engage in reflection and receive feedback from other participants and the session leaders.

Participants registering for this workshop must also register for the Inclusion Institute; the intensive workshop has a 6-hour commitment: 3 hours on Tuesday morning and 3 hours on Wednesday morning. 

Target audience: This workshop is open to all with a focus on professional development and technical assistance providers, administrators, coaches, and practitioners interested in being coaches.

Register here for this Pre-Institute Workshop only.