Pre-Institute Workshops

2019 Workshops

Each of these three Pre-Institute workshops on May 7th at 9:00 a.m. includes free breakfast and lunch, as well as all workshop materials. We cap these concurrent workshops at 40 people each. More information for each workshop is below.

You can register for the following Pre-Institute Workshops regardless of whether you're attending the rest of the Institute. 

Mindful Self-Compassion: Caring for Yourself While You Care for Others* This workshop is FULL! 

Presenters: Karen Bluth and Laura Prochnow Phillips

Mindfulness – being able to be present with sensations, thoughts and feelings in the moment,  and self-compassion – treating yourself with the same kindness and care as you would a good friend in times of difficulty --  are associated with less stress, anxiety and depression and overall greater life satisfaction. Both mindfulness and self-compassion can be cultivated through the practice of guided meditations and informal exercises. In this workshop, Karen Bluth and Laura Prochnow Phillips, certified teachers in the Mindful Self-Compassion program, will provide the foundation of mindful self-compassion practice. This will be an interactive workshop; participants will gain an understanding of key concepts and experience practices and tools that enable in-the-moment self-care. These techniques have proven particularly helpful to caregivers, such as parents, teachers, home health providers, who often disregard their own needs in deference to taking care of others.

Target Audience: This workshop is open to all, with a focus on caregivers.


Doing Justice: Understanding Disability, Identity, and Belonging to Practice Inclusion * This workshop is FULL! 

Presenters: Megan Vinh, Sheresa Blanchard, and Jen Newton

The implicit and explicit biases of early childhood practitioners have consequences for young children’s developing identities and sense of belonging. The aim of the session is to build awareness and understanding of our own implicit biases related to disability and other forms of diversity and to challenge and change deficit-based assumptions. Participants will engage in courageous conversations about various forms of diversity and will practice reflecting and identifying biases. This interactive session will also provide a framework and strategies for practicing meaningful inclusion in a way that positively impacts the experiences of all children and sends a message about civil rights, human diversity, and justice.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for people in all roles.




Special two-part workshop on Practice-Based Coaching requires Inclusion Institute registration (details below)

Practice-Based Coaching: Learn About It and Do It! * This workshop is FULL! 

Presenters: Patricia Snyder and Mary Louise Hemmeter

This is a two-part intensive workshop focused on learning about practice-based coaching and its implementation (PBC; Snyder, Hemmeter & Fox, 2015) in center-based programs. PBC is an empirically-supported coaching approach that facilitates practitioner’s implementation of evidence-based practices.  In Part I, we will present and illustrate the PBC framework and each of the key components. We will discuss the research base that supports PBC and share implementation tools. In Part II, we will use case studies and simulation activities to practice implementing PBC on a targeted set of practices that support inclusion. Participants will engage in reflection and receive feedback from other participants and the session leaders.  The intensive workshop requires a 6-hour commitment: 3 hours on Tuesday and 3 hours on Wednesday.  Participants will be required to attend both parts of the intensive workshop.

Participants registering for this workshop must also register for the Inclusion Institute; the intensive workshop has a 6-hour commitment: 3 hours on Tuesday morning and 3 hours on Wednesday morning. 

Target audience: This workshop is open to all with a focus on professional development and technical assistance providers, administrators, coaches, and practitioners interested in being coaches.