2020 Virtual Inclusion Institute Schedule

August 31 - September 3, 2020 

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2020 Virtual Institute! We were so excited to have you and create a collaborative environment to share incredible knowledge and information. Sessions were a mix of live sessions and pre-recorded sessions with a live Q+ A. 

View available session recordings by clicking on a session below! 


Day One 

Welcome & Keynote

The Importance of Stories in Family Engagement and Advocacy

presented by  Bethany Van Delft Moffi

Plenary 1


Inclusion Are We There Yet? 

presented by Rhodus Riggins, Jr., Harriette Bailey, Lisa Pullis

Plenary 2


Federal Plenary Panel: Supporting Inclusion in Challenging Times

Laurie VanderPloeg (Director for OSEP, U.S. Department of Education), Deborah Bergeron, known as Dr. B (Director of the Office of Head Start), Richard Gonzales (Director of Interagency and Special Initiatives within U.S. Department of Health & Human Services/Administration for Children and Families (HHS/ACF)

Amanda Bryans, Julie Martin Eile

Moderator: Sharon Walsh


Day Two 

Concurrent Session 1


Resources to Support the Families of Children with Autism During COVID presented by Ann Sam and Jessica Steinbrenner

Coping With the Stress and Transitions of the Pandemic for Teachers and Childcare Administrators presented by Ennis Baker and Katie Rosanbalm (Session recording now available!)

  Special Event: Lunchtime Conversation with Families with Jani Kozlowski and Dayana Garcia

Concurrent Session 2


Crafting Slam Style Stories presented by Bethany Van Delft Moffi

Shift Happens: Resources and Strategies for Addressing Culture, Diversity, and Equity in Professional Development presented by Camille Catlett and Toni Miguel (Session recording now available!)

Day Three 

Concurrent Session 1


How to Support Families, Virtually, When You Are Usually a Classroom Teacher--The Basics of Working with Families presented by Robin McWilliam and Cami Stevenson (Session recording now available!)

Feed the Kids: Battling Food Insecurity Through Access to School Nutrition presented by Julie Pittman

Concurrent Session 2


Where It's At: On Line Resources to Support Children and Families During the Pandemic presented by Lise Fox and Katy McCullough (Session recording now available!)

No Extra Time Needed: Using Enriched Caregiving in the Abecedarian Approach presented by Joseph Sparling (Session recording now available!)

Day Four 

Concurrent Session 1


We Can't Take Him Anywhere?! presented by Kris Everhart  (Session recording now available!)

Stress Detectives and Safe Harbors: Helping Children Feel Secure presented by Kristie Pretti-Frontczak (Session recording now available!)

Promoting Equity in Early Childhood Education Through Systems Change presented by Jen Neitzel 

Concurrent Session 2


Strategies for Supporting Children with Disabilities and Their Families During COVID-19 presented by Jani Kozlowski, Dayana Garcia, Susan Sandall (Session recording now available!)

Remote Learning for Early Childhood: The Role of the Teacher and Family in Remote Learning Environments presented by Paula Grubbs, Shana LeGrant, and Adam Holland